Training and Development

The success of Corporate Traveller depends on the success of our people. From our organisational structure to our training, development and mobility programs, we continually strive to reward those motivated to achieve, and give them a clear path to reaching their career goals.


No matter your role in Corporate Traveller, when you join us you will become part of a Family (team), a Village (area) and a Tribe (nation), who will provide you with a supportive working environment and exciting future. Here’s a breakdown of what these areas look like for our retail brands.


As a Travel Expert, you’ll be based in one of our retail stores and help deliver amazing travel experiences to our customers. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in leadership, your next step is to move into an Assistant Team Leader role, and then Team Leader position — helping you to lead and grow your business and team.


As Area Leader, you’ll be responsible for providing a group of teams or stores with direction and leadership. You’ll help them grow their teams and businesses, and ensure their activities align with the brand strategy.


As a Nation or Brand Leader, you’ll work to nurture and grow your nation or brand, as well as the teams and people within it. This will include aiding in the development of strategic business goals and plans.


From day one, you’ll be set up with full training and support to make sure you are a company success. Accredited trainers and experienced team members will take you through a combination of classroom-style learning, in-store training modules and hands-on experience to build your sales skills, learn our computer systems and develop in-depth knowledge of our most popular destinations.


Leadership is important in any competitive business, and at Corporate Traveller, we expect our leaders to have the skills, knowledge and ownership to run their businesses. Our Leadership Pathway program helps develop the skills and abilities of future and current leaders, and centres on the belief that learning occurs through experience, exposure and education.


At Corporate Traveller, we strongly believe in promoting from within, with some of our most senior leaders starting their careers as a Travel Expert. Careerwise helps our employees understand the range of career opportunities available and what skills, development and experience they will need to progress down their chosen career path.


We know that our biggest asset is our people and we want to make it easier for them to pursue their career goals — wherever that may be. Our Global Mobility Program was designed to make this possible, providing short, mid and long-term transfers between our businesses all over the world, and at all career levels.