Expert Reporting Pieces


Executive Dashboard

This overarching report offers a comprehensive snapshot of your organization's overall travel program. Highlights include total spend, top airlines and hotels and an overview of how far in advance your travellers are booking. The report can help determine if you might qualify for airline programs, uncover if Flight Passes could be utilized, bring attention to any activity outside of your travel policy, and assist your organization determine if and when a travel policy should be adjusted.


Advance Purchase Report

This report can pinpoint the average number of days before a flight is purchased and the costs associated. This helps determine the current behaviour of your travellers and can assist in creating a travel policy that mutually benefits the travellers and the organization. We have several real-life scenarios where clients have been able to save significant amounts on their travel spend just by being aware of their advance purchase statistics. 

To read more about the importance of Advance Purchase and how it can affect your organization, download our White Paper on Advance Purchase.


Savings & Exceptions Report

Exceptions are recorded when a traveller chooses a more expensive fare than originally offered. Some of these reasons, such as choosing a preferred carrier to receive points, could impact the costs significantly and for no benefit to the company. The goal of using this report would be to help eliminate as many exemptions as possible by implementing best practices amongst your travellers.

Client Savings Report

This report captures situations where Corporate Traveller is able to clearly demonstrate value through savings which are passed to our customers. Often the report will include recent examples of lower-priced fares being found, waivers and favours we have been able to negotiate with our preferred partners or simply just acknowledging other general savings and value added.