Preparing for the Trip Ahead

Packing and Preparation

When getting ready for travel, it's important to be prepared for the trip ahead. This includes understanding the rules and regulations of your destination, anything you might need to bring on your trip that wasn’t necessary before and of course, having a strong duty of care program in place.

When travelling outside of Canada, please take note of the numerous measures in place, which include without limitation, new entry forms or self-quarantine requirements upon arrival in the destination. Travellers should ensure they are familiar with the restrictions imposed by the local authorities at their destination. Requirements to enter a destination change often so it is highly advisable to check our interactive travel map along with the country’s website regularly for the most up to date information before travelling.

Duty of Care


At Corporate Traveller, we offer a variety of tools to keep travellers safe and sound when on the road. These include our mobile app Sam, our travel risk management solution Secure and Shep's emergency notification technology. Find out more about how our people and technology integrate seamlessly to deliver the best duty of care possible.

Understanding Traveller Security and Duty of Care

Traveller Checklists

Now more than ever, it is is important to be well prepared before embarking on a trip. Not only must you know what to prepare for in terms getting informed about your destination and having the required documents, you must also be prepared for the rules and regulations put in place by each airline and airport. Use these checklists as a guide. 

Air Checklist     Land Checklist

Domestic Travel

With Canada's borders closed, a restrictive list of countries you can fly to and a 14 day quarantine upon your return, inter-provincial business travel is on the rise. Luckily, Canada is a vast country and travellers have the ability to drive, fly or take the train should travel be required. Within Canada, there are still certain restrictions when travelling between provinces, use these links to find out more:

Domestic Air Checklist   Interactive Travel Map

Insights for Preparing for Your Trip

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