No Middle Seats

At Corporate Traveller, we don't put our travellers in the middle seat.

The middle seat: where no one wants to be!

Let’s face it….no one ever said: “I’ll have the middle seat please.” The middle seat has very little appeal to business travellers and, although we don't really think it's a chair of torture, it's still the most uncomfortable place you can find yourself on the plane. 

We care about your comfort.


Canada is the world’s second-largest country (yeah, we are!) This means domestic travel can involve lengthy distances. The Montreal to Vancouver flight time is about 5 hours and 25 minutes. Factoring in time for boarding, taxiing and take off, you could be sitting in that seat for over 6 hours—and you haven’t even left Canada! 

Seated in an aisle or window seat for 6 hours could make a world of difference, to your comfort and by extension, your business. For example, you can work on a laptop more freely. End seats also allow you to rest better, translating to peak performance in destination.   

Business travel doesn’t always feel glamorous (you’re headed to Regina instead of Rio), but it definitely needs to feel comfortable. A miserable business travel experience can affect productivity, performance, and staff retention. Wedged between two people renders you unable to finish that report, make final tweaks to that presentation, or let you be the best version of yourself when you land. Sitting in a middle seat is a sure way to disrupt any well-planned business trip that means a lot to your organization. Don’t believe us? Here are the stats:

Middle Seat Stats



  • 67% of people would rather sit in the last aisle seat, closest to the washroom, than sit in a middle seat mid-plane
  • 83% of travellers would rather sit in 45 mins of traffic than take the middle seat 
  • 92% of travellers would rather skip their coffee on an early-morning flight than sit in a middle seat

Our Travel managers will always provide you with an option to avoid the middle seat. It might involve looking at a different fare class, or it might even involve changing flights, but we’ll always give you that choice. 

Corporate Traveller says “no” to the middle seat! We will do everything to avoid it unless there’s absolutely no alternative. 

So if you're ready to give the middle seat the middle finger, give your Travel Manager a call or send a quick email. If you’re not working with us (yet!) simply contact us below. 

Let us help you defeat the middle seat. Contact us now.