Why it's OK to Flex on your next flight

Not all fares are created equal

Airline travel is not simply sorted by economy class, business class or first class. Now there are a whole range of benefits and levels of fares throughout each cabin. In fact, just on an Air Canada domestic flight alone, there are five economy class fare types. That means that the person sitting beside you could be paying considerably more or less. It’s all about what you get in addition to the seat you end up in. 

The important thing to remember is that you need to know the value of each level of fare when you are travelling for business. Often it is better (for both traveller and the organization) to consider a higher fare that might only be a few extra dollars away. 

The difference? 

  • A chance to select your seat - travellers are more comfortable and more productive. And no one likes the torturous middle seat! 
  • Bag fees are included. You won’t have to cram your carry-on into the overhead bins. And if you’ve travelled in the last 6 months, you’ll understand the letdown of being in Zone 5.  
  • Lower change fee if something alters your plans 
  • At least 100% frequent flyer points

What’s the cost? 

Air Canada has a standard buy-up amount between each fare. It’s all worked out according to the length of the flight. See the grid for details. 

Searching for a flight from Toronto to Vancouver for a Monday morning flight (3 weeks in advance), we came across a flight with the following options (including all taxes and fees): 

  • STANDARD = $385
  • FLEX = $442 (seat selection, bag, ability to change, 100% mileage)
  • COMFORT = $493 (Preferred seat, bag, lower fee to change, 115% mileage & same-day standby)

So, for a traveller to move up from Standard to Flex, the fare increases by $57 and includes over $100 in value PLUS 100% mileage points. Bonus: if you have some eUpgrade credits, you can also use those on a Flex fare (NOT on a Standard). 

The next step up, for a traveller to move up from Flex to Comfort, the fare increases by $51 and includes over $86 in value PLUS 115% mileage points and same day standby. The big one here is that you’ll get a Preferred Seat. That is where you get extra leg room and the chance to board early. 

Often in business, meetings finish early or run a little late....sometimes they even get cancelled. When on the road, it’s important that your employees arrive productive, comfortable and ready to perform. If your organization requires assistance with setting a travel policy that works for both your business and your travellers, we can help. Contact us now for a free consultation and to talk about how we can guarantee to save you time and money on your travel program. 

Contact us now for a free consultation and to talk about how we can guarantee to save you time and money on your travel program.