Top Tips for a Healthy Hotel Stay

In addition to taking care of your business travel, we offer you tips and tricks for staying healthy—and happy—when on the road. 

Whether you view a hotel stay as a retreat and refuge, as a home away from home, or merely a place to lay your weary head when you’re travelling for business, one thing is certain—you want it to be comfortable (and clean). 

Frequent business travellers are already more likely to fall ill to airborne viruses; we’ve likely all, at some point, contracted the common cold or the flu following air travel. From weight gain to insomnia to a compromised sense of well-being, many business travellers cite work demands on the road as contributing to poor health. 

Happiness also plays a significant contributing factor in healthiness. Keep these tips in mind when planning for your next trip or better yet, let your Travel Manager know your preferences and we’ll take care of it for you. 

Location, location, location! 

Depending on your hotel’s location, it can impact your enjoyment, comfort and ultimately your health. For example, next to a Whole Foods allows you to grab some healthy food when you land so you don’t succumb to a midnight burger on the all-night room service menu. Or a hotel close to the waterfront or a large green space will likely encourage you to squeeze in that morning run before you hit the office.  

Fitness access

A great way to stay fit on the road is getting a quick work out in at the hotel gym or swimming pool. If you’re interested, we’ll let you know what hotels have a gym and, depending on your flight arrival time, you might want to check if that gym is open 24/7. Should your hotel not have an on-site fitness facility, many hotels have privileges at neighbouring gyms for their guests. If there is no gym or exercise room listed on the website, our team can call the hotel and ask about access to nearby facilities. Just take a pass on the hot tub, which can be breeding ground for bacteria; saunas are ok.

Wi-Fi access

Choose a hotel that includes WiFi at no extra cost, or choose a smartSTAY option which will usually include free WiFi. We don't make this suggestion so you can do work at the hotel. It’s for you to Skype or Facetime loved ones, enjoy a favourite downloaded movie or practice meditation with a mindfulness app—all statistically proven to improve well-being with a healthy work/ life balance. Furthermore, if it’s a balanced diet you’re after, and you don’t see anything that fits the bill on the room service menu, using an app like Uber Eats gives you healthier options....delivered right to your hotel room!

Good in Bed

Many chains and boutique hotels will tell you what types of mattresses, and even the linen thread-count, on their websites. Chances are, if they mention it, the bedding is good quality. If not, you can always enquire what type of mattress and bedding the hotel provides. Good sleep is integral to good health, so ensure your criteria are being met in terms of a decent bed when you’re on the road, especially when your immune system takes a hit when you’re travelling.

Ask for allergy-free.  

With so many allergens affecting our daily lives, it was only a matter of time before hotels began offering allergy-free rooms. Although not a standard feature of all hotels (yet), these hypoallergenic rooms typically have wooden, not carpet, floors, microfibre pillows and duvets, sanitized vents, in-room air purification systems and of course are smoke and pet-free. Generally speaking, the older a hotel is, the more likely it has allergens and microbes, so keep that in mind as well. 

Blackout curtains.  

Regardless of price point, most hotels offer blackout curtains that would make vampires rest easy with no light coming in through a fragment of space. No light pollution helps ensure a good night’s sleep, especially if you’re traversing time zones and might need to catch a few z’s in daylight hours. 

LASTLY.....MacGyver a Humidifier.  

Hotel rooms are notoriously dry, affecting our nasal passages, throats and the largest organ of our body, our skin. If you find the air unbearably arid and the typically-watery hotel lotion just doesn’t cut it, fill your in-room kettle with water and leave it to boil, letting the steam evaporate and moisten the air. (Please don’t leave it unattended!)

To speak to those who care about your organization’s bottom line and the comfort of your travellers, contact us now. We’ll save you time and money!