Reflecting on the Value of Service During COVID-19


In March 2020, as the world was locking down and chaos and confusion were in abundance, we brought over 20,000 people home. Our people stayed constant – working all hours to be there for our clients and help them out however they could. When people couldn't get through to other TMC's, third party agents or suppliers themselves, they called on us and we did our best to get them home as quickly as possible

Feel Good Stories

One Travel Manager in particular, Shannon Kelly, went above and beyond to get two of her clients home, booking a risky connecting flight with the first landing at Gatwick and the other leaving from Heathrow, with only a 3-hour connection – which they made! There were countless other stories, all just as heartwarming, which showed the great lengths our agents went to in order to get their clients home.

From a client in the Utility industry:

Hi Allison, It is 6:30pm and Dalyce is still helping my team to get home safe. The news around Coronavirus has been concerning and our team’s safety might be compromised. For that reason, we decided to change all their flights. We have a team of 5, with 2 different itineraries and since yesterday we have been exchanging emails and phone calls to make sure we get all the changes done. I wanted to provide this positive feedback as Dalyce is delivering the best service expected in the middle of the rush. We are all overwhelmed by the amount of work involved but very grateful to have an amazing team supporting us. I’m sending this email on behalf of our IT VP, as well as the director and managers helped by Dalyce. THANK YOU! 

From a client in the Finance industry:

Hello Lauren, Hope you and your team is safe with the virus now spreading in Canada. As you know our operations are based on frequent international travel and COVID-19 situation has been significantly impacting our work. I am writing you today to express my appreciation and gratitude to 2 of your team members, James and Sam, who went the extra mile to help me cancelling tickets they haven’t even booked. Lots of airlines’ call centres went into a non-response mode, but these two gentlemen did wonderful job not only negotiating the costs and saving money for Toronto Centre, but also dealing with the matter in a fast and efficient manner. I hope this email will be registered with your organization and help James and Sam with their careers. Thank you on behalf of our team.

From a client in the Consulting industry

Hi Sarah,  in terms of the support we’ve received from you, I wanted to make sure you knew that Amanda has been an absolute superstar. Over the last few days, she’s dealt with a deluge of requests for changes, cancellations, changes to the changes, cancellations to the changes, changes to the cancellations, new tickets, cancellations to new tickets… you get the picture. She dealt with every request quickly and came back with good suggestions and useful information every time – and if she was pulling out her hair in the background, she did not let on. I also can’t even imagine what the list of our air credits looks like right now. (THANK YOU AMANDA!!)

A Trusted Source

As information was changing so quickly, we made it our mission to stay on top of it all, delivering news to our clients as it happened, such as border closure dates, travel rules and more. As we settled into our new normal, the team also created the Traveller Resource Hub, which is meant to help travellers prepare for their upcoming trips – the FCTG Travel News Hub, a global version of the hub was also created, featuring an interactive map, chatbot and travel alerts.

Response throughout COVID-19

In August 2020, we reached out to over 800 of our clients to enquire about our response throughout COVID-19 and received valuable feedback.

  • 96.5% or respondents said that Corporate Traveller’s response met their expectations when COVID-19 initially caused disruption
  • 96.25% agreed that Corporate Traveller’s reaction and support during this time showed the value of the partnership
  • 97.58% of respondents said they would recommend Corporate Traveller based on their experience

During a time of such uncertainty, our team showed up for their clients in every way possible as they did before the pandemic and will continue to do as we move forward in a post COVID world. At Corporate Traveller, we have the best people on hand and it's truly shown during this time. 

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