New Satellite Connectivity on Air Canada

New Satellite Connectivity on International Air Canada Flights

One Satellite to Connect Them All

Whether you're flying Air Canada Business Class or Economy, now you can work at satellite speed, quite literally, with the fastest Wi-Fi on any Canadian carrier.

Air Canada Satellite Wi-Fi, powered by Gogo, means uninterrupted efficiency for you to stay connected— to your business, your family, or online diversions. No matter how many thousand feet in the atmosphere you are, make every minute count by working just as you would on the ground (enhanced, of course, by Air Canada's award-winning service.)

If you're like many of us who enjoy the in-flight time as a welcome break from your business demands, Air Canada Satellite Wi-Fi enables you to stream online movies and TV shows on personal devices. This makes Air Canada the country's first and only airline to offer in-flight streaming capabilities.

This state-of-the-art satellite connectivity is newly available on Air Canada's wide-body international fleet and Air Canada Rouge's narrow-body fleet.


We'll Connect you to Air Canada Satellite Wi-Fi

At the moment, only select Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER aircraft are equipped with the satellite Wi-Fi. If you wish to give your business even more of a competitive edge, make sure your next international flight offers this speedy connection. Your Corporate Traveller Manager can hook you up to this service by determining which of the Boeing wide-body planes it's available on.

The entire Air Canada wide-body fleet is projected to have satellite connectivity by mid-2019.

Be the first to enjoy this exciting debut, as well as take advantage of Air Canada's special pricing on the service. As an introductory offer, satellite Wi-Fi packages are starting at just $5. Ask your Travel Manager to help you select the package that will best suit your needs, whether it's to prepare online business presentations, or stream your favourite TV show to binge-watch in the aerospace!

Air Canada Satellite Wi-Fi is ideal for travellers who want to keep it business as usual while travelling, without missing a beat. It's equally perfect if you love the idea of streaming shows and movies to your laptop, tablet or smartphone with the best Wi-Fi connection on any Canadian airline.

The low introductory pricing for this exciting new service is only available until August 31, 2018, so let us know if this is something you are interested in and we'll be pleased to connect you on your upcoming Air Canada flight.