Holiday News 2016


Every year, around this time, thousands upon thousands of boxed gifts and well-wrapped hampers arrive in offices all over Canada and around the world. Whilst we know that the various delicacies and treats will be enjoyed and appreciated, the effect of these gifts is often fleeting as the chocolates and snacks are gobbled up.

So this year, we opted to do something different for four kids who are having a tough time. We decided to give a gift that we feel will be longer-lasting. We decided to take what we would have usually invested in hampers and bottles of wine for clients and we put it all towards sponsoring the gift of travel for these young ladies. 

We partnered with the Make A Wish Foundation (a Foundation we have had a strong relationship with for over 10 years) to grant the Wishes for four kids who want to see the world. And we are really excited about what these young ladies are going to be able to do. So, as we head into the Holiday Season, we wanted to share the stories with you all. See below for the information on where these girls and their families will be going.


Deanna from British Columbia – 16 years old (Acute myeloid leukemia)
“I wish to go to Paris with my parents!”

Deanna loves to travel and when she found out she was going to get a wish granted she researched all the places she’d like to visit. Visiting such iconic places as the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, as well as the fashion scene there made Paris her perfect choice.


Mia from Ontario – 13 years old (Pilocytic Astrocytoma)
“I wish to have an experience with sea turtles in Hawaii!”

Thirteen- year-old Mia, battling a brain tumour loves art, singing sports and history.  Her favourite sports are volleyball and soccer and her favourite colour is blue. Mia told us her most cherished wish is to go to Hawaii because they have the most beautiful beaches and she would like to explore and learn all about the Hawaiian culture. But most importantly, she would like to have a sea turtles experience because she’s researched Hawaii is the home to many different species of sea turtles! The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle, known as “Honu,” symbolizes good luck, endurance and long life.


Angélie from Quebec – 6 years old (Leukemia)
“I wish to see the pink sand in Bahamas!”

Angelie loves the colour pink and wants to experience what it looks like on the sandy beaches of the Bahamas. She will be joined by her parents, her older brother and her twin sister Marily.


Alicia from Alberta – 19 years old (Chromophobe Renal Cell Carcinoma)
“I wish to go to Rome!”

Alicia Likes learning about history and culture and likes to travel. Her favourite memory is visiting Rome with her school and would like to re-visit it with her family. An aspiring artist, it will be the perfect place for her to be inspired to pursue her craft.