Hitting your next tier on points programs

As we approach the end of another year, it’s important to remind you that the window of hitting that next level of airline status is closing soon.

Late last year, one of our road warrior clients was falling about 5000 miles short of his 100K Elite status with Air Canada. He travels a lot, so the benefits of the 100K club are crucial to his comfort while away for business. It was an interesting challenge to face because we were running out of time and he only had a couple of business trips coming up before the Holiday Season.

Through a bit of out-of-the-box thinking, one of our travel managers was able to identify a way we could get him over the threshold so that he would retain 100K status for 2017. Why is that important? Because 100K Super Elite members receive a LOT of additional benefits….for starters, when you’re 100K you don’t need to pay for using e-upgrade credits. For his next business trip, we ended up booking the client a trip from Vancouver to London via Tokyo and then back through Toronto and Calgary. Ok, it sounds like a lot of mucking around (and it cost approx. an extra $2000 in tickets, plus the client’s time) but his status was achieved! As a result, this year he has been able to use his e-upgrades without any cost (which we estimate have equalled savings of over $10,000). Plus all of the Elite 100K perks of course!

“I don’t want to lose my airline points by using a travel agency.”

It’s a common phrase we hear almost on a daily basis. New customers fear that their staff will lose sight of their loyalty programs, perhaps relinquishing control and missing out on points.
It’s one of the most common misconceptions in the travel management business. Customers think that by using a travel management company like Corporate Traveller, they risk losing control of their status and points management. The reality is, however, that it’s almost the exact opposite. In fact, partnering with someone like Corporate Traveller will actually improve your chances of getting to that next tier.

This is how it works…

Firstly, we never remove your ability to manage your status....you are always in control. We offer to take it on as an added service, which only requires your blessing to manage it all for you. We’ll then be able to see where the opportunities are, offering you recommendations to maximize your points (and status)!

Next, you still earn points when you book with us – we just help you understand what the opportunities are to maximize your points return. As experts in travel, we know what is required to hit tiers and maximize your status. We know that certain fares which, although they might be cheaper, are actually much lower in terms of the benefits you can acquire for your status. For example, you might get a lower fare on an Air Canada flight from Toronto to Vancouver but it’s booked in the lowest fare category. We did a quick search this morning for flights departing in about 10 days time (out Wed morn and back Fri afternoon) and found a round-trip flight for $953 in a Tango fare. To book the exact same flights on a Flex fare would have cost $1189. You certainly would save $236 in the short term but you also need to understand that you’ll only get 25% of the miles (1040 points for $953 vs 4156 for $1189 roundtrip). That means you saved approx. 20% on the fare but you missed out on 75% of the points.....and the other benefits of flying on a flex fare.

The 3116 point difference might not mean much in the short term but they might matter in the long run when you are getting close to the next tier.

If you’d like to chat about this any further, or even if you just want to get started with a points program, please feel free to contact us at any time.