Are you a business traveller who loves to be constantly connected? Some travellers use the flight time to disconnect and enjoy a bit of downtime, but often the trip was so busy that there is a need to catch up on work and reply to emails on the flight home.

WiFi is already widely available on several airlines but soon it will be available on all Air Canada flights, both domestically and internationally. The airline is working their way through their fleet to transform every aircraft to be Wi-Fi enabled to keep us all connected. If this sounds like something you would appreciate, the good news is that the airline is working toward 100 per cent connectivity by the end of 2019.

    Which aircraft are being updated first?

    The accompanying graphic outlines the aircraft type, how many of each are currently connected and the type of Wi-Fi which is offered on that aircraft. You will notice that almost all of the Narrowbody aircraft are complete with the Widebody still with quite a few to go.

    A couple of important things to note:

    • When an aircraft featuring Wi-Fi is flying on a northerly route, generally above 60 degrees north latitude, it will lose connection with the satellite. Service should resume once the aircraft is back in a coverage area. This will be most common on flights that use polar routings such as Canada to Asia and, in some circumstances, Vancouver to Europe. 
    • There is no coverage when flying through the airspace of North Korea and India.
    • Customers can find out in advance whether their flight will offer Wi-Fi by visiting — and can access preferred rates by either buying before they fly or getting a subscription (available on North America routes; international coming soon)
    • As we receive further updates from Air Canada, we will be sure to share this with you in the future.

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