5 Ways To Stay Healthy During Business Trips

The challenge of maintaining healthy habits on the road is among the most common complaints we hear from business travellers.

Here’s our quick tips to help you overcome exercise obstacles and avoid dietary disasters when travelling for business. Follow them and you’ll prevent your waistline from expanding, and your expense account from shrinking! (Your Travel Manager can even help by checking in on you, should you need that motivation!)

1. Walk Around the Clock

You’re seated slumped in the departures lounge, impatiently clock-watching for your boarding call. Why not get moving instead? Use whatever window of time you have to take a brisk walk around the terminal. Long hallways and quick-paced passengers make airport terminals the perfect place to get your steps in.

Walking is also a great way to improve circulation before sitting for a few hours on a plane, which can increase the chances of leg blood clots. A cautionary word to our fashionista clients, you can march around the hallways, but please don’t walk the (airport) runway!

Caption: Sorry folks; airport moving sidewalks and escalators don’t count!

2. Pack n’ Snack

A quick bag of chips or a giant carrot muffin are tempting and easy to grab when you’re hungry on the road (or just bored.) Make time at home to pack some healthy treats before you go.

Fill up zip bags with tamari almonds, trail mix or your favourite granola. Toss some baby carrots and dip (less than 100 mL if you’re taking it past security) or crackers and cheese in sealable containers. These energy-sustaining snacks will help you avoid more expensive and less healthy options.

Don’t forget, if you’re travelling to countries like the U.S., customs will ask if you are carrying food, so declare such items and you’ll be fine. Being healthy on the road doesn’t have to drive you nuts.

3. Hotel Gym (or BYO!)

Time for exercise in-between meetings? Jump at the chance and hop to it!

Check in advance to see if your hotel has a gym or offers guest access to a neighbouring one. Alternatively, BYO! What’s bring your own gym, you ask? Elliptical trainers are a pain to pack and set off pesky security alarms!

Rest assured dear traveller, all you need are your runners, a set of rolled up gym clothes, a resistance band and a skipping rope. (See item 5 on this list for more information.) Speaking of skipping, you wouldn’t miss a business meeting, so don’t cancel your date with the treadmill just because you’re away from home.

4. Drink Up

Bottoms up! We’re not going to tell you to bail on the bubbly in the business lounge or forego the free post-conference cocktails, despite those socially-lubricating calories sneakily adding up.  

We are here to say, drink more water! Airplanes, as we know all too well, seem to suck the moisture straight from one’s face; equally as dehydrating are the beer and wine which often accompany business travels. Water has a host of benefits, and when you’re on the road without enough fluids, you’ll feel more tired, be more prone to overeating, be less productive and of course, more likely to waver from a healthy routine.

5. Go for the Apps!

Ashtanga practices, asana tutorials, jogging trackers, virtual personal trainers– an abundance of health and fitness apps are literally at your fingertips. We love the Nike Training Club and Nike Run apps (as athletic as we think we are, no, Nike doesn’t sponsor us.)

At Corporate Traveller, we love offering our clients flexibility, so try the Yoga Studio app! (See what we did there?) In addition to your physical health, pay attention to your mental well-being, too.

Download a mindfulness app or two to your digital roster – Headspace and Calm are our go-to’s. If all else fails, go for the other kind of apps, but make sure the hors-d’oeuvres in question are lighter choices!

With a bit of planning, you can get some exercise into your business travels. As for travel planning, enlist the expertise of Corporate Traveller. We’ll even throw in some encouraging words to help you hit the gym, should you need them.