5 Ways Corporate Traveller is a Leader in Responsible Travel

At Corporate Traveller, we believe that responsible travel starts with us, your travel provider. To us, responsible tourism isn’t a catchphrase, some buzzwords, or a trend, it’s a way of life and what we’ve been doing all along.

We pride ourselves on building brighter futures through sustainable practices, be it smart energy consumption, recycling and waste reduction, offsetting our carbon footprint, and at the grassroots level, our strong commuting culture of cycling, running and ride-sharing. Collectively, these elements provide a solid framework for our overall environmental responsibility.

Responsible tourism has its obligations, and here are ours.

1. We Reduce Our Waste

The Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG), which Corporate Traveller is an integral part of, has waged a War on Waste. This all-encompassing effort includes everything from saying no to plastic and using ‘keep cups’ to reducing packaging, printing only when necessary on recycled, unbleached paper and maintaining an active e-waste practice that recycles old computers and mobile phones.

Our global Head Office in Brisbane, Australia received a 5-Star Green Rating, and we are using this Environmentally Sustainable Design model in our shop and office designs around the world.

2. We Respect Local People & Culture

We are responsible global citizens and respect the countries we visit and send others to. We realize our fortune and help those that are less fortunate through projects like Project Somos, and through our partnership with Make-A-Wish Foundation Canada.

Our most recent initiative is with SolarBuddy. Energy poverty, or the lack of electricity, impacts 1.4 billion people globally, many of whom are children. During our local and global gatherings, FCTG staff assemble solar-powered lights to distribute to those in need, and a portion of our sales go directly to the purchase of these life-improving LED lights.  

3. We Go Local

Through FCTG, Corporate Traveller partners with local tour companies and guides to help local economies. Giving our customers first-hand knowledge and experience from a local’s point of view is as beneficial to our travelling clients as it is for the communities they visit.

In keeping with our Go Local theme, we bypass chain restaurants and sample quality local eateries to recommend to our clients, keeping money in the local economy.  

4. We Care About Wildlife

Through our own Flight Centre Foundation Canada, we work alongside environmental giants, like the David Suzuki Foundation, to conserve and protect the natural environment and help create a sustainable Canada. Abroad, our annual charity trip to Thailand raised $30,000 for Friends of the Asian Elephant and gave us first-hand insights into responsible travel practices with respect to animal welfare.

We do not sell any attractions that involve animals doing what they wouldn’t normally do in the wild, or activities that include animal performance, the riding of animals or closely engaging with wild animals. 

5. We Help Conserve Water & Habitat

As witnessed in Cape Town early in 2018, fresh water isn’t a limitless resource. Climate change poses risks to many parts of the world and the increase in devastating storms and fires is a clear and present danger.  

Through our Hurricane Relief efforts in 2018, we raised $20,000 for Red Cross to help countries affected by Hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico, Florida, Saint Martin, and elsewhere. In Guatemala, our work with Project Somos helped an eco-sustainable community for at-risk mothers and children, including the building of sufficient infrastructure which supports clean water. 

Final thoughts

Our goal is to support tourism activities that promote environmental awareness, conserve and protect the environment and respect people, their cultures and wildlife. Our global giving footprint has grown in excess of 20% annually for the past three years, and in the fiscal year ended 30 June 2017 (Australian financial year) we collectively donated $2.9m to local charities around the world.

Every time you book with us, you are a part of this story, and for that we are grateful.

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