5 reasons to consider buying-up

Business travel is often not the most glamorous travel experience of your life (perhaps you’re heading to Saskatoon instead of Santorini) but it needs to be comfortable.

At Corporate Traveller, we put the customer’s travel experience at the centre of everything we do. Recently, all three major Canadian airlines introduced Basic Fares (or equivalent) which offer you a seat on the aircraft and little else – no seat selection, no checked baggage, no frequent flyer points and limited flexibility in case your plans change.

To provide the best advice on fare choice for travellers, we’ve listed five reasons to consider paying the small fee to have a better flight:

1. Free seat selection


Buying a higher fare class can ensure that you don’t end up in the middle seat. At Corporate Traveller we hate the middle seat and have a strong policy not to put anyone in the middle seat unless it simply can’t be avoided. A higher fare class is one way to ensure you defeat the middle seat.

2. Increased mileage accrual


It’s a broad spectrum when it comes to growing your frequent flyer mileage: travellers can earn anywhere from zero mileage to 150% mileage depending on the fare category purchased. Buying up means you will earn more points and get to that free flight reward even quicker.

Going from 50% mileage to 100% mileage on every flight you take could mean the difference of 10’s of thousands of miles over a year.

3. Reduced Change Fees


This one is particularly important for business travellers. For anyone who has a schedule that has any chance of changing, airline penalties can immediately erase any perceived savings associated with buying the cheapest fares. Airline penalties to make a change can be up to $300 before fare and tax difference. It’s important to note that the higher the fare category, the lower the change fee. Simply put, buying up savea you money if your plans tend to change.

4. Reduced Cancellation Fees


Similar to the above, lower fare types have extremely restrictive cancellation policies. In fact, any Basic Fare is completely non-refundable. Other fare types can carry a fee of $500 and up to cancel. If you need flexibility, buying up will save you money because higher fares offer much greater flexibility. Again, this is another one which can be crucial to business travellers.

5. Checked Baggage allowance


Any business travel that lasts 5 days or longer probably calls for a checked bag. Short trips for business don’t necessarily require a checked bag but it’s still important to know what your fare includes. Lower fares usually don't include a checked baggage allowance and will require you to pay. Checked baggage can cost up to $60 per bag, per direction when not included so it can be worth it to pay the extra dollars for that higher fare.

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