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Duty of care focus in response to second ‘State of the Market’ poll results

Most companies will only resume business travel if their organization deems it safe to do so, according to the second poll in a multi-national ‘State of the Market’ study by Corporate Traveller and FCM Travel Solutions. The majority will also revamp their travel policies to reflect increased duty of care considerations post COVID-19.
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Clients Supporting COVID-19 Efforts

The world right now is hardly business as usual due to COVID-19; however, this doesn’t mean that our clients aren’t doing great things. In light of the pandemic, many companies have stepped up to the plate, going above and beyond to support the fight against COVID-19 as best they can. Here, we will be highlighting our clients who are making a difference in order to support their causes and say thank you for all that they are doing.
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Coronavirus Update

The World Health Organization has announced an official name for the disease that is causing the 2019 novel coronavirus outbreak, COVID-19. At least 62 airlines from 45 countries have suspended or cancelled flights to mainland China and/or Hong Kong due to the outbreak.


Corporate Traveller has partnered with Shep, a corporate travel startup that is giving away their emergency notification service away for free in response to COVID-19.