Holiday News 2018

The Flight Centre Travel Group has been partnering with Make-A-Wish® Canada for over 15 years (nearly 100 wishes sponsored so far!) and we are delighted to continue the support again this Holiday Season. Whilst we have been sponsoring these brave young kids for several years, we made a decision at Corporate Traveller three years ago to focus our client gifting on sponsoring four wishes in lieu of providing our clients with the standard Holiday gift baskets.

And, according to the feedback we continue to receive, we definitely made the right choice! 

We are extremely proud to be able to continue to do this year after year because of the ongoing support we receive from our clients. We hope you enjoy reading about these four incredible young ladies. Happy Holidays and we look forward to working with you in 2019!

Alia from BC: “I wish to go to Fiji”


Alia is an intelligent, engaging and giving 16-year-old from British Columbia who is fighting her way through cancer. She loves science (with a particular interest in Microbiology!) and also gives her time to do volunteer work at the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). In fact, she's planning to become a reproductive endocrinologist. In addition to her passion for science, she LOVES to dance and was a former dancer – her particular styles include highland, jazz and ballet. She has a dog named Ben who she absolutely adores and goes everywhere with her.

Some of her favourite things:

  • Favourite TV show: How I met your mother
  • Favourite class: Science
  • Favourite band: The Lumineers
  • Favourite restaurants: Sukhothai and Cactus Club Cafe

Her wish is to go to Fiji with her best friend Jane who has stood beside her through all of her health challenges. We're pretty sure these two ladies will have an amazing time in the sun and surf!

Ariya from Alberta: “I wish to go to Mexico!”


Ariya is a charismatic seven-year-old from Alberta who has a nervous system and respiratory disorder which affects her every day. She expresses herself in many ways through her love of music, family and their experiences together. Her favourite things to do always include her family, she looks up to her grandma the most!

A few of her favourite things include:

  • Favourite Food: Spaghetti
  • Favourite Pet: Her dog!
  • Favourite Colour: Light green and purple
  • Favourite Music: Pop and R&B

Ariya loves to swim and play on the beach, looking ahead to her wish to go to Mexico we are certain she will love the endless hours of time with her family while enjoying the sun, sand and of course the water!

Olivia from Atlantic Canada: “I wish to go to a theme park in Florida!”


Olivia is a vibrant 13-year-old from Atlantic Canada who is currently battling cancer. She plays the flute and her favourite subject at school is Band, but she seriously dislikes Math! When she’s not hanging out with her two cats (Sweet Pea and Hunter), she loves card-making, scrapbooking and stamp collecting. She loves Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Marvel Universe but you won’t find her watching those films with any black liquorice (she finds it disgusting!). This young lady is all about the Nibs candies and chocolate!

Some of her favourite things:

  • Favourite candy: Nibs and any kind of chocolate
  • Favourite colour: Purple
  • Favourite TV show: Animal Planet
  • Favourite music: The Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack

Her wish is to go to a theme park in Florida. She and her family will be heading down for her wish in early 2019. Unfortunately, the cats will have to stay at home.

Samar from Quebec: "I wish to visit the City of Live Mermaids!" 


Samar is a bright and bubbly five-year-old from Quebec who is currently fighting cancer. She loves Hip Hop music and has also started to learn Hip Hop dance.

Some of her favourite things:

  • Favourite food: chocolate cake
  • Favourite film: The Little Mermaid.

In fact, she LOVES mermaids! Her wish is to go to Clearwater, Florida so that her family can make the quick drive up to Weeki Wachee Springs where the magical town has more mermaids than men! It is actually referred to as the 'City of Live Mermaids'. Read all about it here.

When asking her what her favourite day is, she says it hasn't happened yet. The best day of her life will be when she’ll be healed. We hope that this getaway to see the mermaids in action will help her along the road to improvement.