How to avoid the middle seat

How to avoid the middle seat in 6 easy ways

We'll show you how to avoid the middle airplane seat at all costs (and when booking with us, at no extra cost!)

Do you know anyone who actually likes the middle seat?

Most travellers have a preference of either aisle or window; we’ve yet to encounter anyone who prefers sitting in the middle. No surprise there -- the middle seat doesn’t offer anything. (Besides discomfort and dissatisfaction, that is.) There’s no view, no easy exit and no guarantee of even an armrest! In fact, the number one thing that travellers dislike about the middle seat is personal space – or rather, the extreme lack of it.

So, how do you ensure that you don’t end up seated in the middle on your next business trip?

Here are some tips that will help you defeat the middle seat!

1 – Book the right fare.

All three major Canadian airlines recently introduced a range of fares that offer little else other than a seat on the plane. On Air Canada’s Basic Fare you must pay for everything, including checked baggage, seat selection, or even Preferred Seating. In fact, the price is higher to select a Preferred Seat if you pick the very cheapest fare! Start with a Flex Fare and you’ll be able to select your seat at time of booking (and as a bonus, you get a checked bag and 100% of your Aeroplan points, compared to zero on the Basic).


2 – Book early.

If your company has an Advanced Purchase Policy, then that is a good thing – Flex Fares, which are mentioned above, are less expensive when booked in advance. Get in early to get the Flex Fare and then you’ll be able to select your aisle or window at time of booking.

3 – Do the math.

Depending upon your company’s travel policy, think about using your own cash to pay for your desired seat. If you’re heading to Australia for work, seat selection can cost as little as $60 each way. That means that you’re getting about 30 hours of more comfort for the cost of about $4 an hour. Plus, you get to go to Australia! “G’day mate!” Domestic flights here in Canada can be up to 6 hours long. If you’re paying $25 for a better seat, well that equals about $4 an hour as well and ensures you have a much nicer flight.


4 – Check in as soon as you can.

Set a reminder to check in exactly 24 hours before the scheduled departure time. Download the Sam:] app, available on Android and Apple to Corporate Traveller clients, to get a reminder to check in, giving you the best chance of nabbing the seat you want.


5 – Take a different flight.

We recently had a client scheduled on a red-eye flight from the West Coast of the USA across to the East Coast, with a stopover in New York. It was a last-minute change so all that was left were middle seats. We offered him a completely different flight through Chicago that allowed the comfort of an aisle. He opted to change.


6 Book your business travel with us.

Our Travel Managers know what it is like to travel, and care about your comfort. They are dedicated to delivering on our promise to do everything we can to keep you out of the middle seat. Our people will always talk to you about your options to avoid the discomfort that comes with the dreaded middle.

Defeat the middle seat!

When it comes to seat selection, get ready to breathe easy (and breathe properly!) with your Corporate Traveller Manager on your side. Contact us below.