Guaranteed Savings - Both Time and Money

Through our dedicated Airfare Experts, we truly get to know your business, offering experience powered by the right technology. It’s our blended approach to travel management.


Your dedicated Airfare Expert has (on average) 6 years of experience working in the travel industry, so you’re always in safe hands.

This extensive experience gives them a unique understanding of your needs and the products and fares available to you, allowing them to act as an extension of your business.

Corporate Traveller has over 350 Airfare Experts across Canada, from Victoria to Halifax, dedicated to supporting your business travel needs.

Airfare Expertise

Being part of the Flight Centre Travel Group, our Travel Experts are highly trained in airfare construction, including complex multi-stop itineraries, group bookings and specialist industry airfares, so they will always find you the best value flights for your business travellers. We also have a specialist team (The Air Product and Specialist Fares team) that supports our Airfare Experts by keeping them up-to-date with the latest travel industry news and access to all global fares, so we can always get you the best deals.


Our teams constantly track your savings so that you can truly see the clear value we bring to your business. Our global strength allows us the opportunity to work closely with airlines and hotels to secure you waivers and favours when needed. This means that issues like name change fees and refunds for non-refundable flight changes can often be avoided, ultimately saving your organization money.

Personalized Suggestions

When you work with a human, you receive a more personalized experience. We get to know you so we know what you like when you travel. We'll remember that you prefer the aisle to the window, or you need a hotel with a great gym so that you can keep fit while on the road.

We remember these things so that you don't have to.