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New Passport Policy for Dual Citizenship Canadians Extended

Dual Canadian citizens felt blindsided by a new Canadian passport policy announced back in August.

Canada announced a new entry requirement that requires Canadians with dual citizenship to present a valid Canadian passport upon return in to the country – in effect as early as Sep. 30, which was weeks after the announcement was made.

The passport application process can take an average of two to four weeks for applications submitted in Canada, according to the Passport Canada website. More or less depending on whether the application was submitted to urgent or express service and where in the world the application is being submitted from.

Travellers with immediate plans to fly internationally were vocal about the quickly approaching mandatory regulation. There was enough push-back that Canada extended the effective date to Nov. 10.

Currently, dual citizens are only required to show their foreign passport and proof of Canadian residency.

The new entry requirement is part of an electronic screening process – an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) – that will affect all visa-exempt foreign nationals, including dual citizens, flying to or transiting through Canada. The new federal policy only applies to air travel, for now.

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