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New Passport Policy for Dual Citizenship Canadians

Dual citizens who don’t already have a Canadian passport, head forth to the passport office.
Canada has a new entry requirement that requires Canadians with dual citizenship to present a valid Canadian passport upon return into the country, in effect as of Sep. 30.
This means that dual citizens who are currently required to show their foreign passport and proof of Canadian residency will now be subject to the new entry requirement; an initiative to increase Canada’s border security.
The new entry requirement is part of an electronic screening process – an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) – that will affect all visa-exempt foreign nationals, including dual citizens, flying to or transiting through Canada. So far, the new federal policy only applies to air travel.
Who doesn’t need to apply for an eTA? US citizens and travellers with a valid Canadian visa are exceptions to the new entry requirement and permanent residents are not required to apply for an eTA. Permanent Canadian residents will continue to travel with a passport and PR card or PR travel document.
The eTA process can take from a few minutes to a few days to confirm approval and costs $7 CAD.

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