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Hotel Frustrations


It’s true. Not all hotels are created equal. In fact, whilst there are plenty of incredible, amazing and luxurious hotels in the world, there are also a few things at the occasional hotel that continue to surprise us. It can be quite baffling – like, how have they not worked these out yet?

We’ve polled some of our travellers to find out what annoys them most about hotels (the list was longer than the robes you find in some rooms….. but we didn’t want to overdo it so we squeezed it down into a tiny little list of 10). Tell us if you agree:

1. When it takes 5 seconds for the channel to change on the TV

I just want to chill and watch the NBA or the NFL after a long day, but since I don’t know the local channels, hopefully I can still find it somewhere in the 4th quarter.

2. Poorly placed outlets

It seems they want me to use the ironing board in the bathroom and I can only plug my phone in after moving the bed and unplugging the digital AM/FM clock radio!

3. Serious sheet-tucking

When you stay at a place with a bed apparently made by a corporal in the Marines….you’ll need to put your back into it or slide in between the sheets like paper going into a fax machine!

4. Phones in the room that inexplicably have that “you have a message” light flashing all the time

I don’t even check messages on my personal phone, I’m DEFINITELY not checking those messages!

5. No full-length mirror

I’ll just imagine what my shoes look like in this outfit. Or balance on the chair by the desk to see my lower half.

6. No fan in the bathroom

It’s like the Amazon rainforest when I get out of the shower.

7. One bar of soap in the bathroom to share between basin and shower

This one frustrates me the most when I realize too late and I’m already in the shower, and good luck getting through the shrink wrap it comes in if you’re already wet!

8. Coffee maker with no coffee in the room

I know I am staying for 3 nights but is it possible to please get a replacement for my coffee when you make up the room? And don't even bother with the decaf...just stock me up with the good stuff!

9. No wine/beer opener

It’s been a long day….I guess technically I don’t need all my teeth.

10. Irons in general

I once had one I swear someone had made a grilled cheese sandwich with. And that’s not even as bad as some of the older models that shoot dust out instead of steam or drip all over my shirts!

And don’t even get me started on how the fitness rooms are simultaneously damp and sticky! Did we miss any of your pet peeves?

Of course, there are also plenty of amazing hotels all around the world….and we know which ones they are. Let us know where you want to go and we’ll guide you to the right place.

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