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Delayed flights listed as top business travel concern

A survey from the Travel Leaders Group shows that 38.4 per cent of their business travel agents expect booking levels to increase in 2014, 39.4 per cent predict levels will stay roughly the same as 2013 and just 5.7 per cent expect a decrease.

While the outlook appears to be positive for the year ahead, the survey also highlighted the top concerns facing business travellers. Out of a total 424 respondents, 70.1 per cent indicated delayed flights as their top concern, while 46.7 per cent named limited airline seat availability as their number one issue.

Other concerns revealed by the survey include earning frequent flyer or other loyalty points (37.5 per cent), travel costs (29.7 per cent) and dealing with getting through airport security (28.3 per cent).

The survey also asked agents to identify what they believed were the most valuable services they could provide for their business travel clients. A total of 63.9 per cent said it was access to an experienced agent while 12 per cent answered 24-hour service.

A further 8.3 per cent believed it was waivers and favours that would be most useful for their clients in 2014.

The survey also revealed the continuing importance of in-flight wi-fi for business travellers, with 59.7 per cent of agents noting it was "very important" or "an absolute must-have".

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