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Best North American Airports to Get Stuck At

The seasoned traveller knows their way around many of the world's biggest hubs. They can navigate through some of the most confusing airports with ease and rarely miss a flight on their own accord. When other powers factor in however, flight delays and cancellations are simply unavoidable, leaving said travellers to fend for themselves wherever they may be.
Earlier, we took a look at our favourite International airports where getting stuck is actually a bit of a treat. This time around, we help our corporate warriors with a peek at the best North American airports to get stuck at, and maybe even change the routing they'd normally take in the process.
It is with pride that we can report that Vancouver International, also known as YVR, has won Best North American airport an incredible seven years in a row! On top of that, they have won 3rd in the Best Staff category and the airport's onsite hotel, the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel, has won best North American airport hotel! What gets them all these accolades? A large, bright and modern international airport that is easy to find your way around featuring plenty of shops and restaurants to choose from, water features, beautiful art from local indigenous artists, two aquariums, three lounges open to the public for a fee (one for each: domestic, trans-border and international), as well as the now-prerequisite free Wi-Fi and mobile charging stations at every gate. With such amazing staff, and such a relaxing environment to wander through, we imagine that YVR will be looking at award number 8 this year!
A large, modern airport (actually, by square mileage, the largest in the US), Denver International offers something for the conspiracy-minded to spend their time pondering, complete with… interesting?… murals, odd sculptures (you can't miss the 32-foot Blue Stallion statue out front with its glowing red eyes) and an obligatory, unproven backstory for the airport's delayed opening in the 90s. While it's easy to get stuck on the internet looking into all the theories behind DEN, for the average traveller, a free underground train to get you from terminal to terminal, a range of onsite hotels to catch some sleep in, the aforementioned art throughout, plenty of healthy food options, water bottle filling stations, massages and video game stations to keep you awake for a few extra hours! Search for the mysteries of the New World Order or simply enjoy a beautiful, modern airport for what it is.
While there are better rated airports in the US, we are talking airports to get stuck in. With a massive new $1.4 billion International terminal, Atlanta's main airport features Southern regional foods (as well as the more common popular restaurant options) and an extensive African art collection. Aside from that, as business travellers know, once on the road for a few years, it's hard not to become a bit of an airplane-fanatic and ATL, as main hub of Delta's 800-plane fleet and the busiest airport in the world, plane spotting here is as good as you can get anywhere in the world!
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