Anti-Spam Policy

Corporate Traveller's Anti-Spam Policy

Anti-Spam Policy


Flight Centre Travel Group (Canada) Inc. dba Corporate Traveller, Stage & Screen Travel Services, FCM Travel Solutions and cievents ("Flight Centre") is committed to acting in accordance with Canada's Anti – Spam Legislation ("CASL").

Flight Centre’s Anti-Spam Policy ("Policy") applies to all Commercial Electronic Messages (“CEMs”) as defined by CASL that are sent to you by Flight Centre.


CEMs are electronic messages that encourage participation in commercial activity. In the travel industry, a CEM might include messages purporting to offer the sale of travel or travel related services. CASL requires that we have your express or implied consent to send you a CEM. An example of implied consent includes situations where we have an existing business relationship with you. In many instances, messages we send you are not CEMs, but rather, are communications directed to you in connection with your travel or travel related services.

Opting out

Your decision to receive CEMs is not irreversible. You may opt out from receiving future CEMs at any time by letting us know. You can do so through our website or by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link in a CEM.

We may amend this policy, at any time, to ensure it remains relevant and appropriate for our business. If you have any concerns about Flight Centre's Anti-Spam Policy, please contact us:

Flight Centre Travel Group (Canada) Inc
700 - 980 Howe Street
Vancouver BC V6Z 0C8
or email us:

Please be sure to include your name, preferred method of communication, the nature of your concern and relevant details including any former communication with us.