Helping Our Customers Get Home: COVID-19


Helping Our Customers Get Home

While COVID-19 has been a disruption in everyone's lives, our number one priority is ensuring the safety of our customers and getting everyone home safely. Our Travel Managers and support teams have gone above and beyond during this time as highlighted in client emails and incredible stories below and they have been supported by Corporate Traveller's suite of duty of care tools. 

From a client in the Utility industry:

Hi Allison, It is 6:30pm and Dalyce is still helping my team to get home safe. The news around Coronavirus has been concerning and our team’s safety might be compromised. For that reason, we decided to change all their flights. We have a team of 5, with 2 different itineraries and since yesterday we have been exchanging emails and phone calls to make sure we get all the changes done. I wanted to provide this positive feedback as Dalyce is delivering the best service expected in the middle of the rush. We are all overwhelmed by the amount of work involved but very grateful to have an amazing team supporting us. I’m sending this email on behalf of our IT VP, as well as the director and managers helped by Dalyce. THANK YOU! 

From a client in the Finance industry:

Hello Lauren, Hope you and your team is safe with the virus now spreading in Canada. As you know our operations are based on frequent international travel and COVID-19 situation has been significantly impacting our work. I am writing you today to express my appreciation and gratitude to 2 of your team members, James and Sam, who went the extra mile to help me cancelling tickets they haven’t even booked. Lots of airlines’ call centres went into a non-response mode, but these two gentlemen did wonderful job not only negotiating the costs and saving money for Toronto Centre, but also dealing with the matter in a fast and efficient manner. I hope this email will be registered with your organization and help James and Sam with their careers. Thank you on behalf of our team.

From a client in the Consulting industry

Hi Sarah,  in terms of the support we’ve received from you, I wanted to make sure you knew that Amanda has been an absolute superstar. Over the last few days, she’s dealt with a deluge of requests for changes, cancellations, changes to the changes, cancellations to the changes, changes to the cancellations, new tickets, cancellations to new tickets… you get the picture. She dealt with every request quickly and came back with good suggestions and useful information every time – and if she was pulling out her hair in the background, she did not let on. I also can’t even imagine what the list of our air credits looks like right now. (THANK YOU AMANDA!!)

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Duty of Care Tools

your ct




Our risk travel management solution is housed in our online portal, YOUR.CT. The platform supports travellers through delivering alert impact reporting, risk destination mapping, travel security alerts, country/city security assessment ratings, and location sharing. In response to client needs during the current pandemic, a COVID-19 Dashboard  has been developed, which can be deployed to customers through the Secure platform.

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Sam is a personal travel assistant in your pocket. Not only does it provide travel alerts and up-to-date information, but it acts as a link to your Travel Manager should a situation arise that needs their attention. The app integrates seamlessly into a risk management program through features such as risk management automated alerts, travel-related announcements and geolocated traveller check-ins, which link directly to the secure platform on YOUR.CT. 

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This corporate travel startup can be used by companies to deliver the latest health and safety messages, informing business travellers about their company’s travel restrictions across more than 1,000 different booking sites, from Concur to Airbnb, Expedia, Air Canada, and more. Shep is helping address the Coronavirus COVID-19 challenge by giving their emergency notification service away for free. 

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Whether you are a client of Corporate Traveller or not, let us help you get home.