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On July 24th, Jennifer Dzialo, Vice President of Corporate Land Products in the Americas for Flight Centre Travel Group, visited the Godfrey Hotel  in Boston to see what changes they have made post-COVID-19. Below, she tells us all about her stay and highlights all the changes at the hotel. 

I had the pleasure of visiting my friend Paul Sauceda, Director of Sales & Marketing at The Godfrey hotel.  The Godfrey is located right in the heart of downtown Boston, centrally located next to the Boston Common and financial district.  As always, the downtown area was hopping on my walk over but the doorman made sure I was a guest before welcoming into a spotless lobby.  Masks are required and no other guests were in the lobby, so I felt very comfortable chatting with Paul over a coffee to learn about all of the amazing protocols they have put into place to ensure our travelers’ safety.  Similar to all major chains, the housekeeping process has been adjusted to incorporate additional sanitization and safety precautions.  The Godfrey actually keeps all rooms empty for 72 hours between each stay.  The first 24 hours protects the housekeeping staff while cleaning the room and then the time after the “cleaning day” is for the guest safety.  Their linens are treated similarly and are kept out of rotation for at least 72 hours after being cleaned.  Wish I could say the same about my own laundry rotation!

Godfrey hotel UV lights


While chatting with Paul, I actually had the chance to meet the hotel’s Chief Engineer, David, who not only told me about their groundbreaking new UV filters but invited me up to the hotel’s roof to see it in action!  As I started my career in hotels, I was very excited to get a backstage tour and was willing to tackle a slight obstacle course (in a skirt no less!) to visit their roof top home.  Although they don’t look too impressive in the photo, their ability to kill viruses and sanitize the air were definitely impressive!  I also had the side benefit of getting to see a roof top view of Boston that not many get to enjoy.



Back at the check in desk, the Godfrey has adopted a completely touch free check in process where I was able to swipe my credit card and make my own key.  Instead of telling me my room number, a machine printed out my room number which made me feel extra safe as a female traveler.  The desk agent was very helpful and made the entire experience quick and painless.  He also provided some information about the area as far as outdoor restaurants and local guidelines.  Overall the experience was very efficient and is something I imagine other hotels will be adopting in the future. 

Up in my room it was a quiet oasis from the bustling activity of downtown crossing.  I knew from Paul that no one had been in my room for 72 hours and could take my mask off to enjoy the fresh (UV treated air).  I found the room was stocked with a sanitized single use coffee machine and two bottles of water, perfect for the essentials.  Although their restaurant is currently closed, I was able to grab a quick snack at their own site coffee shop, George Howell before exploring the neighborhood. 

Checkout was a breeze from my tv and I made sure to grab another delicious coffee from George Howell before heading back home through the Common!  Another fantastic hotel experience. 

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In many countries around the world, governments are preparing to ease lockdown measures, restart their economies and bridge to a new phase of growth. We want to instill confidence once more in business travel through first-hand experience from our staff as they share their journey back to business.

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