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Your local and dedicated travel expert who delivers you an exceptional travel experience.

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Cutting-edge and user-friendly travel tech, actually designed by business travellers

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Simply put, we guarantee to save your employees time and your organization money

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The middle seat: where no one wants to be! We don't put our travellers in the middle seat.

What our clients say...

"Hunterwood Technologies has been partnered with Corporate Traveller since September 2016, they look after our extensive business travel needs (flights, hotels and rental cars) to the USA and overseas.  Throughout this time they have demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism and greatly enhanced our business efficiency.  Nothing in the world of travel is without its problems but these have always been resolved very quickly and the level of satisfaction from our staff is extremely high.  From my personal point of view working with Corporate Traveller allows me to concentrate on other matters without looking over my shoulder and worrying if I have covered all the travel bases.”  

Jonathan Bennett, Project Coordinator/Safety Officer - Hunterwood Technologies

"Yesterday afternoon, at approximately 3pm, I filled out 2 online travel forms for 2 of our employees to fly to Edmonton from Abbotsford. The obstacle was that they were hoping to leave on the 10 am flight the very next morning so it was very short notice! I thought I would place a follow-up call to Corporate Traveller to see if they could possibly get this done for me on such short notice. My call was received by Nicole and I explained my situation. She replied by saying she had already booked their flights and was in the process of booking their hotels. I couldn’t believe how efficient she was in handling this request on very little notice. Thank you, Nicole, for assisting me quickly, efficiently, pleasantly and effortlessly with the travel requests.”  

Lisa Slater - Automotive Partners Relations Admin. Assistant | Automotive Partners | BCAA

“Gillian, you never seem to stop to impress! Here is a great email from our VP of Sales to our President and to our Executive team including myself – my President’s response? “Yes – she understands what customer service is all about”. Something we all strive for – thank you for doing everything you have done for us and to many more bookings together!” 

Marco Calabretta-Duval, CPA, CGA - Executive Vice-President & Chief Financial Officer, Pattison Sign Group

“Before I was introduced to Corporate Traveller, by business travel was a nightmare. I hated it. I tried to do everything through an online travel agency but planning was tough enough with a million other priorities going on. I really found that making changes to an itinerary was the real pain. Now I just email Dalyce my rough plan and she immediately comes back with recommendations. I then get an upload right into my calendar. Dalyce and Corporate Traveller have made travel way more enjoyable.”

Carman Geres, Amalto Technologies | VP Sales North America

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