Women-Focused Health for Women Executives

Women Business Travel

“As women fill managerial ranks in increasing numbers and begin to occupy more positions in the executive suite and the boardroom, how will their health be affected, and how will it (their health) affect their job performance?” This article outlines current research on women-focused health for women executives.   Catalyst.org reported that in 2013 just 14.6 […]

5 Clients Reflect on Corporate Traveller Pricing, Freedom, Progress, Loyalty and Turnaround Time

Women Business Travel

“Our Customer Story” is a blank paper that we hand out to our staff across the country.  By writing down their client stories, we give travel managers, business development managers, and team leaders the opportunity to briefly share their client’s opinions of the work that we do. Overwhelmingly, we hear the same client feedback: they […]

New International Terminal Expansion at Calgary Airport


Effective September 18th, 2014, Calgary International Airport (YYC) has renumbered its facilities, changing more than 800 signs around the facility, in order to prepare for completion of a new International Terminal Expansion. Two new concourses have been added to the airport, however, airlines and concessions will continue to operate from the same location.  Concourse names, […]

Several Airlines are Taking Steps to Repurpose Materials That are no Longer Being Used

Southwest Airline Luv Seat Repurpose

Airlines and the aviation industry haven’t exactly been poster children for green living. However, we’re pleased to report that several airlines are taking steps to repurpose materials that are no longer being used for their aircrafts and staff uniforms. Southwest Airlines launched “Luv Seat: Repurpose with Purpose,” which has looked for new uses for more […]

Sleep for Success, How to Get a Good Nights Sleep While Travelling

Eliminate Discomfort During Business Travel

After spending the better part of last week in another hotel room with its blinking lights, loud bathroom fans, and Captain Insano thermostat I wondered (again): What’s the best way to get a good night’s rest while travelling?  Turns out I’ve been going about it the wrong way. Rebecca Robbins is a sleep researcher, a […]