New Protocol Passed to Deter and Manage Disruptive Passengers on Aircrafts


Contrary to a popular country music song currently receiving airplay, “getting drunk on a plane” is a very bad idea. Concerned with the number of disruptive passengers onboard aircrafts, that at the 70th General Meeting (AGM) of IATA, the International Air Transport Association, creation of the Montreal Protocol 2014 was passed, intended to “deter and […]

Top 5 Apps for the Business Traveller

Business Travel Apps

Some travel apps are better than others.  We’ve sifted through a mess of them, sorted wheat from chaff, and now offer to you our top 5 travel apps for the business traveller (for now):  1. Travel Money- Money Management for Travelers It’s more than free, but at $9.99 comes with interactive graphs for income, expenses and […]

Accelerate Your Savings With SmartDRIVE


Beginning August 15th, 2014, Corporate Traveller is pleased to announce SmartDRIVE, an exciting new way to experience enhanced car rental service when you book with an Account Manager.  Partnering in Canada with National Car Rental this exclusive program will benefit your business travel through upgrades and bonuses. Beginning in August, when you book car rental service […]

The Effects Of Big Data On The Travel Industry And Traveller – Part Two

Millennial Business Traveller

In our first post on the influence of “big data” on the travel industry, I identified how airlines have used the flood of available data in order to develop new revenue tools at airports.  Through a host of new food and beverage offerings at airports and on flights, customer ancillary spending is at an all-time […]