Increased Traveller Fees Through the United States


The Transportation Security Administration has chosen to double fees for travellers through the United States on both non-stop flights and connecting flights. The new charge will total $5.60 USD per flight. Previously, $2.50 was charged per non-stop flight and $5 per connecting flight; altogether, for a passenger flying a round-trip, nonstop or connection, the fee […]

Top 3 Air Alliance Loyalty Rewards Programs Simplified

Business Traveller Terminal

Three major air alliance programs encompass many of the airlines worldwide, offering benefits with membership and loyalty miles earned. The loyalty miles that you collect in the alliances when booking flights can often be transferred to partnership airlines for redemption, and all points across the airlines contribute to each alliance’s top loyalty status. Herewith, a […]

Creating Moments of Trust When Managing Traveller Preferences

InterContinental Hotels Group

IHG Hotels, which manages such chains as the CrownePlaza, Holiday Inn, EVEN, and the InterContinental, released a report last month indicating their traveller’s preferences and expectations. Their “Creating Moments of Trust” report identifies that travellers not only expect consistently good service and a hotel that reflects local trends and customs, but they also want their […]

How to Keep Travel Savings in Your Pocket

Travel Savings

Any company where employees travel frequently can struggle to efficiently track and plan for travel spending. Even when a professional travel manager is approved and policies implemented, travel budgets can still bleed dollars, causing “leakage.” Implementation of internal booking procedures, if not clearly communicated, will be challenged, or even ignored. For example, while employees have […]

Fraud Prevention and Safety While Travelling

Travel Savings

This week RBC displayed a notice informing clients that it was no longer necessary to advise them before travelling, which got us to thinking –what’s the state of traveller fraud these days? A 2008 StatsCan report found that debit card fraud is the most prevalent type of activity, accounting for 90 percent of frauds against […]