Do you Expect WIFI to Work in the Elevators of Hotels?


What do we want? FREE WIFI. When do we want it? NOW! A report on internet services for hotels, by internet provider Broadband Solutions, says that “hotel chains and owners in the USA recommend a minimum of 100Mbps for most sites, with many areas needing 500Mbps. Since customers even expect wifi to work in the elevators, […]

Ebola and Business Travel : What You Need to Know Before Your Next Trip

Reclining Seats

With real concerns about Ebola making headlines around the world, Shane Downey, the Director of Public Policy for the Global Business Travel Association, recently published a travel advisory.  Read the full article here. In his post, Downey has assembled as many resources as were available, to help business travellers best understand how to proceed throughout […]

Positive Coping Mechanisms for Common Stress Triggers Among Female Executives

Business Women

This is the last part in our series about women executives, stress, and coping tactics. Information for this post comes from “Women Executives: Health, Stress, and Success,” The Academy of Management, in 2000, and written by Debra L. Nelson and Ronald J. Burke. Part 1 of the series identified barriers to advancement in corporate culture. […]

Is Cash Dead for Travel Transactions?

Woman waiting for taxi

Skift, a trend recognizer in the travel industry, sat down with Raja Rajamannar, the Global CMO of MasterCard to find out – is cash dead for travel transactions? Says Rajamannar, “Cash commerce is antiquated, and outside of petty cash for tips and perhaps a number of obscure places, cash is indeed in decline when it […]

Thank You Ottawa! Client Appreciation Event at the Downtown Marriott

Corporate Traveller Ottawa

Congratulations to our Corporate Traveller community in Ottawa!  On October 2nd 2014, we hosted an appreciation night for our clients at the Ottawa Downtown Marriott Hotel. On the 29th floor on the Summit Revolving room, with wide windows all around, approximately 90 guests watched the sunset while sipping drinks and tasting a selection of hors […]