Paying Tuition Using Frequent Flyer Points

Back to School

No one racks up frequent flyer points faster than a globe-trotting business traveller – especially a seasoned vet who takes full advantage of their memberships by means of unwavering loyalty. Booking during promotions, opting for the more expensive and higher points yielding fare, not to mention, travelling as much as some do, it isn’t hard to […]

New Passport Policy for Dual Citizenship Canadians


Dual citizens who don’t already have a Canadian passport, head forth to the passport office. Canada has a new entry requirement that requires Canadians with dual citizenship to present a valid Canadian passport upon return into the country, in effect as of Sep. 30. This means that dual citizens who are currently required to show […]

Best North American Airports to Get Stuck At


  The seasoned traveller knows their way around many of the world’s biggest hubs. They can navigate through some of the most confusing airports with ease and rarely miss a flight on their own accord. When other powers factor in however, flight delays and cancellations are simply unavoidable, leaving said travellers to fend for themselves […]

Best International Airports to Get Stuck At


  How does one ever say there is a best option for something like getting delayed while flying? Business travellers especially all have a story about sprinting through London’s massive Heathrow Airport. It’s all a part of a normal workday when you live on the road. Every now and then, for better or worse, a […]