Is a corporate car service right for your company?

Carey sedan

In today’s rapidly evolving world of options like Uber and Zipcar, many companies are wondering what the right solution is to meet their travel needs. With recent world events causing duty of care to be top of many people’s minds, the traditional corporate car service model is more relevant than ever before.

Hotel Spotlight: The Sheraton Maria Isabel in Mexico City

Mexico City

The typical reaction to announcing an impending trip to Mexico City is one of caution, with many people expressing concern over safety and security issues. This all too common misconception is an injustice to this lively and relatively safe city, which is monitored by one of the highest police to citizen ratios globally, in addition […]

Hotel Spotlight: Le Meridien in New Orleans

NOLA Bedroom

If you travel to conferences or conventions and haven’t yet had the pleasure of visiting the charming and culturally rich city of New Orleans, you will likely find yourself there one of these days. This city welcomes over 2 million corporate travellers annually, and what a welcome it is!