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24/7 access & personalized support
Day and night access to our expert team, no matter where you are in the world.
Hassle free payments
A range of payment options. 30 day accounts and no merchant fees.
No lock-in contract
Use our expert services without being locked into a contract.
Guaranteed to save you time & money
Our expert advice and proven strategies will boost your efficiency, not just your balance sheet.

What our clients say

"Using Corporate Traveller has changed my travel experiences from the start to the finish; it is feeling like a special elite client through each interaction. Not only does Corporate Traveller make my booking easy, efficient, simple and effective, they always take my preferences into consideration making me feel like I am a privileged client. I don’t ever need to worry anymore about dealing with booking flights, seats, hotels and everything else related to travel. I never have to worry about emergencies such as getting stuck at an airport with a cancelled flight and no hotel – Corporate Traveller is always one phone call away anytime, anywhere. If I could sum it up, using Corporate Traveller is like traveling first class always!"
Nadia Monaco // General Manager Canada East // Kumon Canada


  • Lots of stress every time I had to book a flight or hotel
  • I would search for hours to spend valuable time booking myself
  • With no support I once stood in a 3 hour line waiting to get on a later flight


  • Innovative thinking provided me with options I hadn't thought of
  • Always go out of their way to make me feel special
  • Every experience has been nothing but exceptional
  • The Corporate Traveller team is so much more than travel agents, they are like family
"As a national not-for-profit, we always strive to maximize revenues and minimize expenses in order to put more dollars towards our mission. Our relationship with Corporate Traveller has improved wish trip cost efficiencies and helped ease the planning process. Adding to that, their exceptional service levels and personalized approach has ensured that wish trips are planned and executed with the utmost care and attention to detail, to ensure the most incredible experience possible for our wish children and their families.”
Jennifer Klotz-Ritter // President & CEO // Make-A-Wish Canada


  • Reliance on unstructured internal booking
  • No set booking guidelines
  • Frequent last minute changes
  • Regular overspending


  • Managed booking process
  • Implementation of tailored travel policy
  • Improved wish trip efficiencies
  • Defined savings on total travel spend
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